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A Tale of Two Winches!

          Hello to everyone who passes by here to read our little adventures! This story  begins on a normal Kansas day. When I grew up in Kansas, we had this saying "If you don't like the weather in Kansas, wait five minutes, it'll change!" If you have ever lived there, you will know what I am talking about. We could literally start the day with no clouds, bright sunshine, and just a nice little breeze and within 15 minutes it could be raining cats and dogs!
          Another thing about Kansas, and really any rural area, is the roads. They may or may not actually GO somewhere....and they may or may not be maintained. So it can be an adventure to just get around.
            So as you can imagine, we embarked on a usual day or searching when a rather big storm blew in quite quickly and just poured on us. Not only were the guys caught literally in the pouring rain, they had to make a mad dash for the closest overpass they could get under to get out of it. We definately did not want to ruin our expensive equipment by giving it a bath!
            But, remember the mantra of Kansas weather- 30 minutes later, the sun was shining again and there was not a cloud in sight!
            Testing the ground where we were staying, the guys decided it was definately dry enough to go back to work; so off they went. The way the guys work is to cover as much ground as possible and then move on, so they are usually in fairly close proximity to each other. On that day, Keith and Guy were at one end of the field, while Mike was a little further away. In Kansas, at least while we were there, the grass had grown quite tall, and was very thick. The grass also had weeds and wilflowers that sometimes make the going get tough. The terrain is not nice and smooth; it is more like rolling hills with chasms cut out from creek and pond runoffs. These make for beautiful scenery, but not so good on quads!
             Keith caught Guy loafing, that least that is what he thought Guy was doing...until Keith went closer and saw that Guy was actually stuck- almost buried in grass!

Yep- Guy is in there somewhere!

              Luckily, Keith has a winch on his quad and was able to rescue Guy. But from the looks of this picture, I'm not so sure that Guy wanted rescued! LOL!
              A couple days later, it was Mikes turn. He too, got stuck after one of the normal rainy days in Kansas and Keith had to winch him out as well. Unfortunately, Keith did not have his camera with him at that time to catch Mike stuck!