Admire Meteorites!

Thoughts, Ramblings, and just Plain Dana!

     This group came about kind of by accident. We had all hunted together on occasion but not all together as a group or a team. What started it all was a combination of an idea and a desire to go to Kansas. The desire to go to Kansas was mine (Dana's), as I am from Kansas and have missed it very much. Isn't it funny how the proverbial grass is always greener on the other side...but when you get to the other side, sometimes it's not so green after all......
       I had spent my whole life in Kansas until 2003 when I moved to Arizona. I moved because we had had a really bad ice storm and I did not want to go through two solid weeks of no electricity, four small kids, and a little one gallon sized generator that lasted about an hour again! Well, I have not had to deal with lots of ice out here, that's for sure! I also found my husband, Keith - and a love for searching for meteorites, so I guess good things DO come out of bad!
      Anyway - I was feeling a little (like a LOT!) homesick when we had the opportunity to go to Kansas and search for the Admire Pallasite Meteorite. I was ready and chomping at the bit!
       I drug Keith out to Kansas at the beginning of June, 2009 with all kinds of hopes and excitement. Once we got started we realized we really needed some help! We had invited our friends Guy Fichtelman and Mike Miller to come help hunt, but Guy would not be able to make it out for a couple weeks and Mike was at least a month away from making it. So Keith got to work and learned to love the "Admire Grind". After two weeks we were feeling a bit "whupped"; score 1 for the Admire Pallasite Meteorite and 0 for us!
       The day that Guy was going to arrive, I was doing some research when Keith called me on my cell:
                      "Hey, Hon" he said "I need some water"
                      "Okay. I can be there in about 30 minutes" I said
                      "Okay." he paused "By the way, I found a meteorite"
       I think I almost cried I was so excited!
       Needless to say, I hustled on back!

       The way we do our recoveries is by including the landowners; and anyone else who wants to be involved. I had told Keith that I did not want him to actually remove the meteorite; just to expose enough to confirm it actually WAS a meteorite. We certainly didn't want to invite folks out and NOT really have one to dig up! So on my way to where he was I called the landowner and the other people who wanted to be a part of it and we all met and together we got to see it for the first time.
       It was totally fun and felt great to get to share it with everybody. Guy even showed up within 30 minutes of recovering it. I don't think all meteorite hunters get to enjoy it the way we did- it is much more enjoyable to share the experience.  

      Strewnfields are funny don't always know exactly where one is until you have literally went all the way around and figured out where it is not! And even then, you can have "wingers" - oddballs that are not where you would think they would or should be. Anyone who claims that it is easy to find meteorites obviously has not hunted very many of them. And when you think you have found them all - you haven't! Here is the Meteorite Hunters Credo: There is Always One More!.....