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Meteorite Types
There are Three Main Types of Meteorites:
Stoney Meteorites are the most common meteorites. They are composed of mostly
silicon-based minerals. They are heavier than native rock but are recognizable by their black
fusion crust outer layer, that looks almost like a charcoal briquette. They account for approximately
94% of the observed meteorite falls.

Iron Meteorites are from the core of a planet or asteroid that has been destroyed. As it's
name suggests, they consist mainly of  iron-nickel metal with small amounts of sulphide and
carbide minerals. This is also the primary component of our Earth's core. These type of meteorites make up about 5% of the observed meteorite falls. They are the most recognized meteorite because
of their weight.

Stoney-Iron  Meteorites are undoubtedly the most beautiful of all the meteorites. The Pallasite Meteorite falls into this group. It is a striking and unusual kind o f meteorite in which olivine and
iron are intergrown in roughly equal proportions; these meteorites are thus intermediate between stoney and iron meteorites.Their primary silicate material is olivine, which is distinguishable by
it's greenish hue. Olivine exists here on our earth; as the August birthstone Peridot.
Only 35 examples of Stoney-Iron Meteorites are known.

The Admire Pallasite Meteorite
The Admire pallasite meteorite was first discovered in 1881 in Lyon County, Kansas. It's meteorite type is a Stoney Iron, and it is classified as a Pallasite.