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Scenes From The Meteorite Field

Guy and Keith having fun!
Enjoying the fun of the find

After barely 30 minutes of hunting, Guy found one!
We had been rained out all day and finally had taken a chance and decided to go out anyway; and
 this really nice piece was found in about 30 minutes by the fellas!

The cattle had the right idea on a hot summer day!
The cattle were not impressed by us

Keith holding a nice Admire Pallasite Meteorite!
It's a good day when you find one!

Guy doing what he does best!
Guy seems to have a sixth sense for this!

Now that's what we're here for!
Wenona and Mike showing what  this is all about!

Turkey eggs
Mamma Turkey was scared away when the guys came by!

Keith cleaning around a beauty!
This is a beautiful specimen!

Hmmm....we must have been getting tired....

The sunset is amazing
The Kansas sunset is unbeatable!

Wenona and Michael showing off a good one!
Wenona and Michael showing off a really great Admire Meteorite!

This cute little guy could care less!
This cute little fella could care less what we were up to - he was busy resting!

Dana on a different kind of dig!
Dana having fun on another kind of dig!

A Kansas Moth!
Did you know they grew moths THAT big in Kansas?

Kansas blue sky
The Kansas blue sky is clear and bright- just give it a little bit- it'll change!

They went that - a - way
Hey, fellas - I'm pretty sure there are more if we go that way we can find one for each of us!
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